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Chilled Water Projects


Chilled Water Systems for Comfort and Efficiency

Not every HVAC company provides chilled water services, but at Energy Air, we’ve made it one of our specialties. We completed our first chilled water project in 1992 and have since achieved success with countless HVAC chilled water system installations ranging in size and scope.

How Do Chilled Water Systems Work?

Chilled water equipment is available in a variety of configurations, refrigerant types and methods of operation.  Chillers condense the refrigerant product and pass it through a heat exchanger.  Water is also passed through the heat exchanger and is chilled and then pumped to air handling units to handle the heat load.  Chilled water distribution can be accomplished through constant volume primary pumping and variable volume secondary pumping or variable volume primary pumping.  The refrigerant in the chiller, which is heated by the water in the heat exchanger, is compressed and then cooled by water or air, completing the cycle.


Get a Reliable Chilled Water System for Your Next Project

From fast-track chiller replacements, to the installation of two miles of underground piping for a new student housing and retail complex, to the installation of a complete central energy plant and everything in between, the Energy Air team can handle it all. We’ve completed the chilled water system installation for a variety of project types, including education, healthcare, multi-family/mixed-use, retail, office, religious, hospitality/entertainment and industrial buildings. No matter how critical the scope, our chilled water team can deliver.

For more information about our chilled water services, give us a call anytime. We’ll be happy to address any of your questions and will provide references from our previous chilled water projects upon request.

Orlando: (407) 886-3729 | Tampa: (813) 750-1283

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