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Why Your Company Can’t Afford an Unlicensed Contractor

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

When your company’s HVAC system breaks, your main priority is getting it running again. After all, no air conditioning or heating could mean closing business doors until it’s fully functioning again, costing you money in the process. But while it may seem easiest to hire the cheapest contractor you can find, hiring a cheap contractor could end up costing you more in the long run.

When contractors boast low rates, it’s often a sign that they are unlicensed. No matter how inexpensive an unlicensed contractor is, learn why your company can’t afford to hire an unlicensed contractor below.

Unlicensed Contractor

The Dangers of Hiring an Unlicensed Contractor

While not all unlicensed contractors are “bad,” hiring a contractor who is unlicensed is a risky move for numerous reasons, including:

They might have low standards. Unlicensed contractors aren’t held to the same standards as licensed contractors. If you hire an unlicensed contractor, you aren’t guaranteed someone who has high standards, which could garner you low quality work that will eventually require another repair.

They might have minimal experience and training: When you hire an unlicensed contractor, he or she may not have extensive experience and training. Licensed contractors have the necessary experience and training to get the job done right the first time.

They could have no worker’s compensation insurance: Unlicensed contractors are not required to have worker’s compensation insurance, meaning if they are hurt on the job, you could be personally held responsible.

They aren’t contractually bound. Unlicensed contractors aren’t contractually bound to a project, meaning they could end up quitting a job before they are finished, leaving you in the hole without a working HVAC system.

Protect Your Investment With Energy Air

While hiring an unlicensed contractor may be appealing for their low cost, it’s a risky move that could ultimately cost your business more in the long run. That’s why it’s important to take the time and research multiple HVAC companies before hiring one.

At Energy Air, we’re committed to providing quality home comfort services, performed by our team of HVAC professionals. We believe our employees are our most important assets, which is why each and every employee is held to the highest standards, in addition to being experienced, trained and insured. We’re so committed to providing our team members with every opportunity for growth and development that we even have our very own in-house school and unparalleled curriculum that provide our employees with the optimal skill-training experience.

Don’t let an unlicensed contractor to take advantage of you and damage your HVAC system! Give us a call today or schedule an appointment online at your convenience.

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