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Air Conditioning Checking

The Homeowner’s Guide to AC Maintenance

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

A maintenance call to your air conditioning service provider is often dreaded due to the outrageous diagnosis of your improperly functioning air conditioner. The costs of maintaining your air conditioner can be pricey but by keeping up with routine maintenance, your energy usage will decrease and the lifespan of your HVAC system will increase.

Scheduling routine AC maintenance with your service provider on a regular basis is the key to saving money down the road. Professional technicians are able to see problems that contribute to further complications later on which could cost you more. At-home maintenance is just as important as scheduled service maintenance visits and will save you just as much if not more. Here are some things you can do as a homeowner to maintain your air conditioner.

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The Basic Tools for Maintaining your Air Conditioner

When it comes to at-home maintenance it’s important to do thorough research on the do’s and don’ts. Most home improvement stores offer various materials to fix your air conditioner. In order to stay within your guidelines, stick to purchasing these materials when troubleshooting your A/C:

– Screwdriver – Wrench – Butter knife or fin tool – Garden hose – Wet/dry vacuum – Rake – Air filter – Pruning shears – Level – Shims – Foil tape – Soft bristle paint brush – Coil cleaner – Bleach

Many homeowners face the same reoccurring problems with their air conditioners due to lack of maintenance. Follow this checklist to see where your maintenance skills fall:

– Are there leaves and debris built-up in your outdoor unit’s fan cage?

– Are the outdoor unit’s fins clear of debris?

– Are any of the fins bent or damaged?

– Are there any plants or bushes that may be hindering proper airflow to your outdoor unit?

– Is your outdoor unit leveled?

– Is your indoor unit’s evaporator coil clean?

– Is your evaporator drain clogged?

– When is the last time you changed your blower filter?

– Do you change your air filter once a month?

Following Safety Protocol

Before you start troubleshooting your air conditioner problems, always be sure to turn off the power. This will secure your safety while you remove and clean all of the parts involved. You should turn the exterior unit’s shut-off box off first before turning off the power at the breaker box. Once your maintenance is finished and all the parts of your air conditioner have been cleaned and replaced, you can finally turn on the power and wait for clean, cold air to fill your home!

Never Hesitate to Call a Professional

Sometimes the job at hand is a little bigger than expected, if that’s the case don’t hesitate to call one of the qualified technicians at Energy Air. Schedule service online today to save on your next maintenance call.

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