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Tech Trends in the HVAC Industry

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Now more than ever, we have a high-tech gadget for everything. We communicate via smartphones, get around by hoverboard, and even have little robots vacuum up our messes. When it comes to evolving technology, the HVAC industry isn’t left behind either. Here are the three HVAC-related tech trends to keep an eye on.

HVAC Industry

1. High-Efficiency HVAC Features

One of the most important facets of your home comfort system is efficiency. Some of the most efficient options in modern use include features that allow for more customized air treatment based on seasonal needs. Multi-stage HVAC systems, for example, can adjust the temperature based on environmental conditions, delivering hotter or colder air for extreme needs and milder air when conditions are not severe. This can improve a home’s indoor air quality as well. Multistage cooling, for example, allows for better dehumidification when the temperature doesn’t require cooling activity. Multistage heating, meanwhile, can deliver a gentle stream of heat rather than drying out your home with a hot blast of air.

2. Smart HVAC Technology

In an age of smartphones and tablets, you’ll find that smart thermostats are outstanding for monitoring and adjusting your home’s heating and cooling via apps. You can access a smart thermostat directly, often with touchscreen activity that is very intuitive in design. You can also remotely evaluate heating and cooling needs while you are at work or away on vacation. Developers are also working on smart vents, which will accommodate the balancing of air delivery as vents communicate with each other and with your wireless device.

3. Integration Among System Components

A leading factor driving current HVAC development, integration among the various components of a system is a helpful way to get the best results in home comfort and healthy air. A well-integrated system will inform you of dirty air filters, the need for maintenance service, or other system issues. Meanwhile, a control for an integrated system will coordinate the activity of air humidifiers, ventilation units, purifiers, and heating and cooling equipment.

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