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Improve Your Commercial HVAC System’s Efficiency

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Commercial air conditioning systems are often far larger and more complex than residential systems. Whether in a restaurant, retail space or wherever else, these systems are responsible for creating a comfortable environment in a considerable amount of square footage. And that means they use a lot of energy. As a business owner or manager, you know the importance of sticking to a tight spending plan. Don’t let your energy bills be the reason your business blows its yearly budget. Here are five simple ways to improve the efficiency of your commercial AC for maximum savings:

Commercial HVAC System’s Efficiency

1. Change Your Air Filters

Your air filters are there to trap dirt, dust and other airborne particles and keep them from getting inside your air conditioner. This is necessary to protect the equipment in your air conditioner, maintain healthy indoor air quality and keep your system running smoothly. However, when too much debris is allowed to pile up on your filters, it can cause an adverse effect on your AC. The blockage will impede airflow, diminishing your system’s efficiency and your indoor air quality may suffer.

To avoid these issues, it’s important to change your filters either monthly or quarterly, depending on the type of filter you have. The frequency with which you should change your filters may also depend on how much foot traffic you get and what kind of commercial space you have.

2. Use Window Treatments and Blinds

Blinds will help block out heat from the sun, reducing the need to use your air conditioner. You can even invest in a window tinting treatment that will allow your windows to reflect light instead of allowing it to pass through.

3. Check and Clean Drain Pans and Drain Lines

Your AC collects moisture from the air to cool it down. This moisture drips from your evaporator coils into a drain pan, then flows through a drainage pipe to exit the building. If your drain pan or drain pipe becomes clogged with algae or other debris, it could compromise the overall performance of your system and even lead to property damage. To make sure your AC is draining properly, check the drain pan and drain pipe every few months and clean them out when necessary. You can prevent blockages from occurring by cleaning your drain pipe each month.

4. Keep Vents Free of Obstruction

Blocked vents can throw your entire system off balance. It’s especially important to make sure return air vents are free of obstruction, or your AC may freeze up.

5. Schedule Regular Preventive Maintenance

There’s no better way to keep your commercial AC running at peak performance than with professional commercial HVAC maintenance. Energy Air provides general maintenance services for commercial buildings of all types and sizes. To boost your system’s efficiency and reduce your energy bills, schedule maintenance with Energy Air today.

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