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HVAC UV Light Benefits

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

In recent times, UV lights have become a near necessity due to the vital role they play in improving indoor air quality.

Most UV lights are mounted inside your HVAC unit in the form of tube lights. The mounted light shines on your coil.

In humid regions, like here in Central Florida, mold and airborne organisms can be problematic to health and homes. These organisms can, however, be destroyed by the electromagnetic rays emanating from UV lamps on your heating and air conditioning unit.

Old Lady Discussing HVAC UV Light Benefits

7 Benefits of an HVAC UV Light

1. Increased Airflow

When it comes to keeping your home cool without putting excess strain on your air conditioning system, airflow is one of the most important factors.

As time goes on, debris builds up within your system, and although the air filter works to trap some of these particles, it can only do so much.

Adding a UV light can give your system a serious boost, ensuring optimal airflow.

2. Improved Efficiency

Aside from debris, airflow is also hindered by accumulated microorganisms on the HVAC coil. Often, to remedy this, you might be required to run the system for an extended period to achieve the desired temperatures.

UV lights on your coil help destroy the microorganisms that inhibit smooth airflow.

You may need to clean your coils to allow efficiency in the destruction of the microorganisms to enhance smooth airflow. The cleaning also helps in the reduction of power consumption by HVAC unit.

3. Decrease Energy Costs

Increased airflow and improved efficiency go hand-in-hand with decreased energy costs.

When your air conditioning system works efficiently, it requires less energy to operate.

4. Kills Mold and Bacteria

Air conditioning systems are great at keeping your home cool and comfortable. But it’s almost impossible for air conditioning systems to remain dry from within.

Couple this with Florida’s humid climate and you have a recipe for mold and bacteria. This is where the magic of UV light technology truly shines.

UV light significantly reduces microbes on the coils within your system.

The microbes are halted before they can ever become airborne, reducing the risk of mold and other bacteria from infiltrating the rooms in your home.

5. Improve Indoor Air Quality and Reduce Allergens

As mold and bacteria become problems of yesteryear, you immediately benefit from improved indoor air quality.

Considering the average person spends the majority of their life inside their home, this a huge win.

An added bonus? Allergy sufferers will finally get some relief.

6. Remove VOCs

Volatile organic compounds are all around us and include both human-made and naturally-occurring compounds.

VOCs have a direct impact on the quality on the air in your home, which means they have an impact on your health too.

With the added benefits of a UV light, you can seriously reduce the amount of VOCs in your home.

7. Reduce Clogging in The Condensate Drain Line

As we mentioned earlier, air conditioning systems produce moisture from within. Over time, moisture can build up and clog the condensate drain line, causing you a handful of issues.

A UV light helps reduce moisture, which can in turn keep your condensate drain line from clogging.

Contact Energy Air For More Information on UV Light Installation For Your HVAC System

Is the air quality in your house making you uncomfortable? Our qualified team at Energy Air is more than ready to serve you with state of the art UV light technology, and other indoor air quality solutions, to deal with all microbes within your AC unit.

Contact us today. We’re ready to serve you at your convenience.

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