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How to Make House Guests Feel at Home

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

If you’re planning to host visitors this holiday season, make their comfort a top priority. Not sure where to start? Follow these five simple tips to help your guests feel welcome and at home.

Family Image with House Guests

1. Create a Comfortable Living Space for Your Guests

There’s nothing like getting a good night’s sleep when you’re traveling. Make your guests feel comfortable by providing fresh bed linens, throws, and pillows. Try bringing in candles with scents of lavender or jasmine to help them relax. If you don’t have a full guest bedroom available for your family or friends, consider investing in a futon, air mattress or daybed. If your guests are staying for longer than one or two nights, it may also be a great idea to include books and magazines they may be interested in reading at night before winding down to sleep.

2. Familiarize Guests with the Thermostat

Show your guests where the thermostat is, how to use it, and invite them to adjust it to their comfort level. You should also explain the controls for your heating and cooling systems, especially if you know they’re sensitive to certain temperatures.

3. Ensure Your Air Conditioning Is in Working Order

To avoid mechanical malfunction that can disrupt your visit, make sure your HVAC system is primed to work optimally. A maintenance appointment will prevent unpleasant surprises and save money long-term. Even better, you’ll resolve potential problems before they escalate into crises.

4. Keep Appliance Manuals Handy

If you’re a techie and have lots of fun home equipment, try placing operating manuals nearby to help your guests easily learn how to use them. Instructions for the air conditioner, stereo or other frequently-used systems can be highly beneficial. A list of passwords or codes, for things like WiFi, Netflix or the alarm, allow your guests easy access to your home and all it has to offer.

5. Leave “House Notes”

Your guests will appreciate a list of names, addresses, or tips for businesses and activities they’re likely to frequent during their visit. Include information like brochures and maps, and any information on transportation if they aren’t familiar with the area. You should also include emergency contacts in case they’ll have the place to themselves for a while.

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