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How Temperature Affects Productivity

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Do you have trouble getting to work when the temperatures drop? Our body chemistry is a fascinating study, and research has shown knowing a little something about yours can be useful as you go about your daily tasks. Read on to learn our four top ways temperature affects your productivity, and get ready to dress up or peel down:

Temprature Affect

Ideal Working Temperature

Studies have shown that the optimal temperature for people to perform work duties such as typing, proofreading, or arithmetic operations is 71 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cold Temperatures Increase Loneliness

Isolated is the word. As humans, we were made for relationships, and so, in general, we tend to seek out other humans. We want to be close and warm. But if you’re cold in an office or classroom setting, you may be feeling on top of your game. You could be distracted by those feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Don’t Overheat!

An extreme of anything will yield poor results most of the time. So even though your office shouldn’t feel like the North Pole, it also shouldn’t feel like Dante’s ring of fire either. Overheating your body can lead to confusion and faintness — and even worse, you actually could pass out or get sick. So put on a coat and hat or type with gloves instead of bumping up the heat in the house or office. You can cool down quicker by shedding clothing than you can by waiting for a room to cool a few degrees.

Make Sure Your Office or Classroom is Always the Right Temperature with Energy Air!

For nearly 40 years, the team at Energy Air has been servicing HVAC systems and tweaking them to get you to your perfect temperature. We want to help ensure that your HVAC system continues working well through those hot Florida summers and those mild winters. Contact us today.

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