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How a UV-C Light System Can Improve Your Air Quality

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the air inside the average home is five times more polluted than the air outdoors! Considering we spend a good chunk of our lives inside our homes, our friends’ homes, and other buildings in general, it’s important that the air indoors isn’t just cool and comfortable, but clean and safe too.

Long-term exposure to indoor air pollutants can have serious effects on your health, but fortunately, there are ways you can improve the quality of the air inside of your home. A UV-C light system, for example, can drastically improve your air quality by utilizing ultraviolet light technology. Learn more about indoor air quality and how UV-C light systems can improve the quality of the air in your home below.

Air Quality Check

Why Is Indoor Air Quality Important?

Indoor air quality is important because it has a direct effect on your health. Long-term exposure to indoor air pollutants can cause cancer and respiratory illnesses in extreme cases, as well as these symptoms:

– Headache – Shortness of breath – Sore throat – Sinus issues – Dizziness – Scratchy, watery eyes – Fatigue

UV-C Light System

How Does a UV-C Light System Work?

Utilizing ultraviolet light technology, a UV-C light system works to sterilize the air in your home by killing microorganisms that lurk within your HVAC system. As ultraviolet light comes in contact with the microorganisms, it damages their DNA and kills them. UV radiation disrupts the chemical bonds that link the microorganisms’ DNA together, which make bacteria unable to repair any sustained damage or regenerate new cells.

UV-C light systems are installed within the ductwork near the evaporator coil. From here, UV light is emitted onto the indoor air that flows through the ductwork. Once installed, harmful bacterium is removed almost immediately.

Benefits of UV Lights In Air Conditioning Systems

Having a UV light installed in your air conditioning system touts significant benefits. Aside from creating an overall healthier home, your air conditioning system itself will benefit from less wear and tear and build up of bacteria and growth. Other benefits include:

– Reduced bacteria and mold – Reduced odors – Reduce VOCs – Reduced algae growth – Reduce moisture – Reduce energy expenses

Other Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

While UV lighting is an effective way to kills bacteria and mold in your air handler, there are other efforts you can (and should) make to improve indoor air quality at home and work, including:

– Sealing air ducts during any renovations or construction – Regularly changing your air filters – Reducing the use of chemical-laden products – Reducing the use of candles, incense, etc. – Investing in a whole house dehumidifier – Investing in a HEPA Bypass Filtration System – Scheduling routine professional maintenance with an HVAC technician

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality Today

At Energy Air, we want your home to feel comfortable and safe. That’s why we provide a variety of products and services that improve the indoor air quality in your home. Our UV-C light systems fight germs, eliminate odors, decrease cooling costs and destroy volatile organic compounds, all which work to give your indoor air quality a boost. We also offer comprehensive maintenance service, which will ensure your HVAC system is functioning efficiently. Have questions? Give us a call today to learn more about all of our indoor air quality solutions, or schedule your service appointment online.

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