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Fast-Track Ballroom Expansion Complete

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

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Do you think you can install a complete HVAC system for a 90,000-square-foot function building in three months?” This was the question asked by Hensel Phelps last December in a pre-construction meeting prior to Energy Air being awarded the HVAC scope of work for the new ballroom expansion at Lowe’s Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Orlando. Our response, “Sure, why not!” And just like that, Energy Air stood up to the challenge, executed and successfully completed the mechanical installation without missing a beat. Led by Project Manager, Luke Stevens, and Senior Foremen, Melvin Millette and Joe Grazulis, Energy Air’s team of dedicated and motivated mechanics, pipefitters and welders made a commitment to make what seemed impossible, possible. Time with family and friends was sacrificed during the construction period which required multiple 12-hour work days, seven days a week over the course of the project.

In addition to Energy Air’s commitment to an intensive work schedule, the careful planning by the team at the beginning of the project allowed Energy Air to meet the scheduled completion dates, set forth by Hensel Phelps, which proved Energy Air’s ability to complete challenging projects of this size.

The 325 tons of cooling for the new ballroom included (7) variable air volume chilled water air handling units, (7) constant volume chilled water air handling units, (9) chilled water fan coil units and associated exhaust/air distribution. Energy Air also installed a new 1,200-ton centrifugal chiller and piping, which was added to the existing central energy plant for redundancy.

Other challenges on this project included the logistics of working around an active resort facility and the adjacent Sapphire Falls project that was ongoing concurrently. Deliveries and shutdowns had to be properly scheduled to avoid any interruptions in the daily resort operations and still maintain the progression of the project. Again, the leadership and experience displayed by Luke, Mel and Joe provided Hensel Phelps the support that was needed to hurdle all of these challenges and showcase Energy Air’s professionalism. An aggressive schedule combined with a complex mechanical system might seem intimidating, but with an award-winning contractor like Energy Air at the helm, the end result is always a homerun!

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