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Easy Ways to Keep Cool This Summer

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Summer means longer days, beach vacations and barbecues. For many, it also means struggling with skyrocketing temperatures and higher electricity bills. How can we enjoy our lazy summer days while staying cool and within budget? Here are five easy ways to beat the heat this summer season:

Food on Barbecue

1. Use More Fans

When summer heats up, it is tempting to crank up the AC, which only makes your cooling system work even harder. Instead, set the temperature a few degrees higher and turn on a fan instead. Just remember, fans cool people, not rooms, so when you leave, turn the fan off.

2. Close the Blinds

We all love the beauty of natural light, but that light is creating a greenhouse effect inside your home. Any extra barrier between your windows and the sunlight will do wonders to stop heat from accumulating inside your home. Whenever possible, close the blinds, so the light and the heat stay out.

3. Cook Outside

Who wants to slave beside a hot stove when it’s already sweltering outside? Not only do ovens and stoves produce a ton of heat, but they also waste a lot of energy. Avoid adding any unnecessary heat into your home and making your air conditioning work even harder. Head outdoors and fire up that grill!

4. Add Landscaping

Planting trees and foliage increases your home’s curb appeal, plus the right landscaping can keep you cool. Adding trees and large bushes on the west side of your home creates shade, thereby blocking the sun’s heat. You’ll get a cooler interior, and your air conditioning will thank you.

5. Schedule AC Maintenance

The best way to ensure your AC is functioning efficiently and ready for the brutal summer months is with a preventive AC maintenance check. Plus, if there are any latent issues, a maintenance checkup will be able to fix them before the problem gets out of control and your air conditioning stops working altogether.

Don’t Sweat It! Let Us Help!

Energy air provides general maintenance services for buildings of all types and sizes. To boost your system’s efficiency and reduce your energy bills, schedule a maintenance checkup with Energy Air today.

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