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Does Heavy Rain Affect Your AC Unit?

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Rain can be a constant concern for homeowners in central Florida, especially when it comes to outdoor appliances such as an AC unit. Will rain affect the air conditioning unit outside?

Thunderstorm Effect on AC Unit

Your AC Unit And Rain or Heavy Weather

The way AC units are designed, rainfall will not harm them. The unit is designed to keep water out of the most crucial parts to keep the unit operating as normal. Even during the most torrential central Florida downpours, your unit will be fine.

Is Weather Ever An Issue For An HVAC System?

Yes, weather can cause damage to your unit. In particular, flooding, storm related damage, and corrosion. If you experience flooding with water levels higher than 15 inches, problems with your unit will most likely arise. With water levels that high, the electrical components and moving parts of the unit are compromised.

A few inches of rain usually won’t cause any damage, but high winds that blow debris will. High winds often break limbs off of trees that can land on your unit and destroy it completely. Other times leaves may fall through the grill and jam the blades or other moving parts.

AC units are usually exposed to the elements and they’ll reflect that over time. This is especially true if your unit’s ventilation is blocked or you use a cover that constricts the air flow of the unit. Many homeowners choose to cover their unit in the winter using a plastic cover that traps moisture and cultivates mold and other bacteria that will rot the wiring and rubber.

How to Avoid Weather Related Damage To Your AC

The only way to really protect your unit is to build housing around it or have it in an enclosed area. However, this is usually not very cost effective or necessary in most cases. If your unit is constantly exposed to high winds or is prone to having water flood the unit, consider moving the unit to another part of the house.

Weather in Central Florida Causing AC Problems?

Energy Air has been servicing central Florida air conditioning needs since 1976. The rare chance that your AC unit has been damaged during a storm, or you are worried that it is susceptible, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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