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Does Classroom Temperature Affect Learning?

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Whether it’s too hot or too cold, uncomfortable temperatures will cause a distraction to students. Temperature impacts student’s learning ability and also affects numerous other mental and physical activities. Here’s a closer look at the role temperature plays in the classroom.

Student Studying in Classroom

Does Classroom Temperature Affect Students Learning?

Subconsciously, the brain keeps having to adjust to different temperatures to make sure the body is cooperative. When temperatures are not ideal, the brain gets constant interruptions from the body signaling it to readjust to the temperature. A study conducted at Westview High School shows how scores were affected by varying temperatures. This is what the results revealed:

– At 61 degrees Fahrenheit, students averaged a score of 76% – At 72 degrees Fahrenheit, students averaged a score of 90% – At 81 degrees Fahrenheit, students averaged a score of 72%

Similar studies conducted throughout the United States yield the same results.

Classroom too hot: If you’re in a room that is too hot, your body temperature can rise — and much like when your temperature spikes, you can feel sick, dizzy and disoriented. A classroom setting should be slightly warm in the winter and comfortably cool in the summer. Extremes on any side will result in negative reactions to your body.

Classroom too cold: If you’re in a room that is cold, then expect your mind to freeze, so to speak. You’ll likely feel more isolated, lonely, depressed and distracted. Researchers have proven that workers who were cold were less productive — costing their employers about 10 percent more an hour than workers who were in a comfortable temperature.

What is the Ideal Classroom Temperature?

According to the experts, a classroom set at 72 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature for achieving the best results in the classroom.

How to Adapt to Varying Classroom Temperatures

Here are a few ways you can prepare as a student or teacher for the best and worst classroom temperatures:

– Always bring a bottle of water to class – Install fans or bring portable fans to the classroom – Tint classroom windows or keep blinds closed to keep heat away – Bring a sweater to prepare for cooler temperatures

Contact Energy Air to Help Keep Your Classroom at the Ideal Temperature

If you want students to learn at their very best levels, then you have to install an HVAC system that is reliable and set the temperature to a degree that makes sense for both the building and the weather conditions. The experts at Energy Air can help you determine what the right temperature is and how you can maintain it throughout the changing seasons. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial HVAC services.

If the air conditioner in your classroom needs service, call Energy Air where we provide AC repairs, replacements, installations and more for both residential and commercial facilities.

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