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DIY Drain Line Cleaner

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

When your air conditioner stops running, one of the leading causes is a clogged drain line. A clogged drain line can flood the inside unit of your air conditioner or cause extensive water damage in your home. The drain line is necessary for the proper function of your A/C unit because it drains the condensation from the inside air handler to the outside. You can find the drain line close to the outside unit usually dripping water. While routine maintenance is the easiest way to prevent a clog in your drain line, if you experience a clog, you can typically remedy the issue yourself.

Here’s the ‘how-to’ on making sure your air conditioner is running year-round.

Water on Bowl

What Causes Your Drain Line to Clog?

You may be confused as to how your drain line is clogged if only condensation is running through it. Along with the condensation, particles from the air (think bacteria, dust and the like) also find their way through the drain line which causes the growth of algae and mold inside the drain line. This can be easily prevented by regularly changing your air filter so that the particles are captured before entering the drain line.

Cleaning Your Drain Line

The good news is you don’t always have to call a technician to come fix the clog in your drain line. Check out our blog How to Remove a Blockage From A Clogged AC Drain Line to learn two methods for unclogging an AC drain line.

You can reduce the chances of your drain line clogging by regularly running a solution through it to prevent algae growth and, if necessary, using a wet-dry vacuum to remove any existing algae. Some manufacturers no longer recommend using the proposed bleach or vinegar solution due to premature oxidation causing the materials in your A/C to deteriorate.

A Safe Solution

The recommended alternative to a drain line cleaning solution is simply pouring boiling water down the drain line on occasion. This should rinse out any debris forming in the drain if your A/C is regularly maintained. If that doesn’t work then you may need to use a wet-dry vacuum to remove any excess or schedule an appointment with your local HVAC technician.

For more information on cleaning your AC drain line, check out our blog: Cleaning Your AC Drain Line Regularly Can Prevent System Shutdown

Maintain Your Drain Line With Routine Maintenance

Keeping up with your air conditioner through routine maintenance will ensure that any problem is taken care of before you have to take matters into your own hands. If you are in need of quality technicians you can count on, schedule a service with Energy Air today.

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Matthew Walker
Matthew Walker

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