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7 Facts About Indoor Air Quality

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Many of us assume that the indoor air quality in our homes is much safer than the air outdoors. However, the Environmental Protection Agency has found that indoor air pollution is one of the most hazardous environmental threats to humans! If you’re like the average individual, you probably spend a good amount of time indoors, so it’s important to educate yourself regarding indoor air quality. Here are seven facts about indoor air quality to boost your knowledge.

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1. A short video defining indoor air quality.

2. Good indoor air quality may be more important than you think.

3. Think your home’s air is OK? Take this indoor air quality quiz to find out.

4. Would you install a UV light inside of your air conditioner?

5. Do you always seem to experience flu-like symptoms in certain buildings? Learn how “Sick Building Syndrome” could be hurting you.

6. Indoor Air Quality boosting tips for those who spend lots of time in commercial buildings.

7. Did you hear? Washington State University researchers are researching climate change’s effect on indoor air quality.

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