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3 Ways Pre-Construction Services Improve Commercial AC Experiences

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Successful commercial air conditioning projects, and most HVAC projects, all share one trait — careful planning from design through completion. Think you can get your project completed to the highest standards without pre-construction services and planning? Think again.

Construction Team

1. Pre-Construction Planners

Mechanical engineers with experience designing heating, ventilation and AC systems, along with estimators, developers, architects, owners and contractors, are brought in during the pre-construction phase. An effective comprehension of each project’s system components is determined and a plan is implemented so that everyone is aware of what will happen during the project.

2. Pre-Construction Communication Is Key

The plan implemented by the pre-construction planners stresses the essential function that communication, coordination and continued partnership is key to the commercial AC project’s success. Constructability, budget and backup materials and methods for HVAC systems are determined and constantly referenced to be sure the project is staying on course.

3. Pre-Construction HVAC Technology

Technology including a variety of custom-developed computer programs (BIM/CADD) uniquely composes specific industry segments and project types to allow for fast and accurate project estimates. Efficiency and accuracy are also improved with on-screen takeoffs and full-screen formats of proposed HVAC construction using our state-of-the-art pre-construction technologies.

Contact Energy Air for Preconstruction Services for Commercial HVAC Projects

Experience planning these kinds of projects is important for high-quality and complex commercial HVAC systems. Our pre-construction services include plan and spec, budgeting, pricing, and value-added engineering. Contact us today to submit a bid request or to speak with someone from our preconstruction team regarding budgeting or design-build.

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