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Quality HVAC Service for Industrial Facilities

Many industrial facilities have strict climate requirements to protect the goods and products they contain, whether it’s perishable food or heat-sensitive electronic devices. With tall ceilings and open floor plans, lofty industrial buildings can heat up quickly, putting not only products at risk, but employees as well. To effectively control the temperature in such a structure, it takes strategic HVAC design and installation from a contractor with years of industrial project experience.

At Energy Air, performing HVAC work for industrial buildings is one of our many specialties. Our commercial team has experience designing, building and installing heating and cooling systems for a range of facilities, including process cooling, distribution facilities, bottling facilities, packaging plants, warehouses, transportation facilities, data centers and more. We’ve been involved in projects with highly confidential, patent-pending technology and are proud to have worked with many clients on a repeat basis.

Industrial Facility Projects

Energy Air has worked in dozens of exceptionally large industrial facilities. Here’s a look at a few of our recently completed projects:


This project entailed the installation of a chilled water system for a new 192,060-square-foot warehouse and an HVAC system for a three-story, 46,359-square-foot office building. To safely install fans in the warehouse, the Energy Air team had to take serious precautions, wearing safety harnesses for fall protection.

CKS Packaging Project

This project was completed in four phases, the first of which required a 24/7 work schedule for 43 days. Our team executed extensive building remodels to build an elaborate chilled water HVAC system, bringing the 76,000-square-foot facility the cooling power it needed.


The Only HVAC Contractor You’ll Need

At Energy Air, we pride ourselves on our ability to self-perform the entire HVAC scope of work. Because we design systems, fabricate ductwork and store all necessary materials in-house, we are able to do everything on our own from start to finish. This also allows us to ensure all necessary safety requirements are properly met within your facility. As a bonus, our customized scheduling process allows us to complete jobs quickly and efficiently, even with tight time constraints.

In addition to design-build projects, our commercial department works with business owners and property managers to provide annual planned maintenance service as well as repairs and replacements. If you’d like to learn more about having a new HVAC system installed in an industrial facility, or if you’re interested in cutting energy costs with your current system,

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