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Fabrication Services


Our Fabrication Services

We believe in taking every step possible to make your project a success. That’s why we handle all aspects of your commercial HVAC project, from design, to fabrication, to installation.

Rather than outsourcing to multiple companies, we do everything in-house to maintain superior project control. Our 30,000 square foot in-house warehouse provides the perfect space for fabricating duct, storing materials and coordinating project supplies. The result? Quick, efficient, controlled work of the highest quality.

We Keep Your Budget and Schedule In Mind

We understand that your budget and schedule are important. That’s why we work diligently to keep your project within or under budget and we complete it as quickly as possible, without sacrificing quality.

Our in-house design team and on-site fabrication facility play a critical role in our ability to meet demanding project schedules while providing competitive pricing. Our ability to control the costs of our in-house operations gives us the edge we need to complete any project and exceed client expectations in this highly competitive environment.

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We Set Strict Quality Standards to Garner the Best Results for You

The Energy Air team is proud to set strict quality standards that are implemented through our internal Quality Assurance plan. This plan includes standards and practices for cleaning and wrapping duct, which result in cost savings, superior scheduling and a higher level of quality for you and your commercial HVAC project.

Custom Fabricated Metal Products

The in-house Energy Air warehouse includes:

– Custom-fabricated metals and products
– MIG, TIG & STICK applications used for galvanized carbon and stainless steel
– Automated plasma table
– Fiberglass fabrication
– State-of-the-art machinery
– Automated closure machine
– Two duct board-grooving machines capable of using up to 2” duct board

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Learn More About Fabrication

We’re constantly working to be the leader of the HVAC industry in Florida. We do this through superior professionalism, performance, customer service and our outstanding commitment to safety, employee development, teamwork and community enrichment. We hope that you join the Energy Air family and choose us for your next commercial HVAC project. Still have questions? Give us a call today to speak with one of our friendly team members.

Orlando: (407) 886-3729 | Tampa: (813) 750-1283

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