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What Is a Mini Split Air Conditioner?

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

When people think of air conditioning systems, central air conditioners tend to come to mind. But beyond central air conditioning, there are many other ways to cool your home. For example, a mini split air conditioning system. You might not know much about mini split air conditioning systems, but there are many benefits to owning one.

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The Anatomy of a Mini Split Air Conditioning System

Mini split air conditioning systems share lots of similarities with central AC. Just like a central air conditioning system, a mini split system has both an indoor and outdoor unit. However, while a central AC delivers cooled air through a series of intricate ductwork, mini split systems deliver cool air without the ducts. This makes mini split systems best for cooling one room or area of space, rather than an entire home.

However, the great thing about mini split systems is that you can connect several indoor air-handling units to one outdoor unit. These individual units can all be controlled separately, which gives people the ability to cool only the rooms that they want to be cool. This means everyone can select their comfort preference and potentially save energy (and money!) in the process.

Is a Mini Split Air Conditioning System Right for My Home?

Mini split air conditioning systems tout numerous advantages. Besides their ability to cool individual rooms, they’re also small in size, efficient and easy to install. Even better, mini split air conditioning systems are extremely versatile, and the indoor units can be suspended from the ceiling, mounted on a wall or can stand on the floor.

But while mini split air conditioning systems have their share of pros, they won’t be the best option for every home. A mini split air conditioning system may be a great option for you if you live in a multi-family building, commercial space, an older home without any ductwork or a home with an addition.

Are You Considering a Mini Split Air Conditioning System for Your Home?

If you’re looking for a new HVAC system for your home, rely on Energy Air. At Energy Air, we provide an extensive list of quality AC products and services that keep your home comfortable. Have questions? Give us a call today at our Orlando or Tampa location or schedule a service appointment online.

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