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How to Lower Your Electric Bill

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Looking for strategies to lower your electric bill? We don’t blame you! Nowadays, it seems like everyone is trying to cut back on non-essential electricity usage. A few simple changes in your lifestyle and daily routine can radically reduce energy bills if enacted wisely. Here are just a few simple ways to shrink that electric bill.

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1. Adjust the Thermostat

Adjusting the thermostat to a warmer temperature when you’re out of the house can help you save up to 15% on your energy bills

2. Use a Programmable Thermostat

Smart thermostats like Nest are all the rage with frugal homeowners these days due to the tremendous electricity savings that they can deliver. Even cheap, generic $30 units can save hundreds of dollars per year in the typical home.

3. Utilize Fans

Fans circulate the air in your home, which will help make it feel cooler and allow you to rely less on your air conditioning system.

4. Schedule an Annual Tune-Up

Regardless of the HVAC setup in question, poorly maintained equipment will waste a lot of electricity. Have a professional clean and overhaul your HVAC system once a year. In rare cases, tuning the HVAC could reduce your electricity bill by up to 50%.

Having your AC regularly maintained will keep it functioning as efficiently as possible, which will reduce repair bills, increase your system’s lifespan and help you save money on your energy bills.

5. Landscape Strategically

Planting trees, vines, shrubs and the like provides a beautiful and natural barrier between the sun and your home. As a result, your cooling costs will be lower.

6. Install Energy-Efficient Windows

You don’t need to splurge on top-of-the-line energy efficient windows to put a major dent in your HVAC bill. Any modern double or triple-paned window will outperform an older single-pane model by leaps and bounds. Putting solar shields on windows facing east and west can also work wonders.

7. Cook Outdoors

Using the oven and other heat-producing appliances can quickly make your home hot. Next time, try firing up the grill and cooking outdoors instead.

8. Replace Old Appliances Gradually

It’s a given that older appliances are electricity hogs. Switching to a high-efficiency water heater can save over $100 per year. Swap out one or two appliances each year and you’ll be well on your way to a hyper-efficient household.

9. Embrace Old-Fashioned Frugal Habits

At the end of the day, the easiest way to lower the electric bill is to use less electricity. Try to restrict your cooking and showering to off-peak hours whenever possible. Use a clothesline or a rack for drying laundry.

How Energy Air Fits Into the Picture

As one of the greatest energy consumers in a normal household, HVAC should be a primary focus when slashing electricity bills. At Energy Air, we pride ourselves on our HVAC maintenance and repair prowess. For homeowners in the greater Central Florida area, we’re the ones to call when HVAC is the issue. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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