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How Often Should Commercial Air Conditioners be Serviced?

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Think about what it takes to keep our bodies healthy. We need water to stay hydrated, whole, unprocessed foods to fuel our busy schedules, plenty of sleep to recharge, and the occasional checkup here and there. While your commercial air conditioning system doesn’t have quite the same needs as you do, it does need servicing from time to time. Read on to learn why and when you should have your commercial air conditioning system serviced.

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Why Should I Have My Air Conditioner Serviced?

Within a commercial AC is an intricate system of parts, all which work together to keep your space comfortable. But in order to do so, your system needs to be professionally serviced from time to time. Just some of the reasons your commercial AC needs to be routinely maintained include:

Reduced Energy Usage: When your commercial air conditioning system is functioning efficiently, it requires less energy to operate.

Lower Operating Costs: Reduced energy usage means lower operating costs. Lower operating costs mean savings for you.

Fewer Repairs: Routine maintenance ensures that small issues are addressed before they can turn into bigger, more expensive repairs.

Improved Indoor Air Quality: How much do you know about the quality of the air inside of your business? According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the air in your commercial space is probably more polluted than the air outside. When it comes to promoting good indoor air quality, your air conditioner is your first line of defense. Routine maintenance ensures your system is able to effectively reduce indoor air pollution.

Discounts on Services: Some air conditioning companies offer extra perks for customers who sign maintenance contracts. At Energy Air, our Planned Maintenance customers get an extra 15 percent discount on labor, a 10 percent discount on parts, priority schedule and no overtime rates on emergency calls.

When Should I Schedule Commercial AC Maintenance?

How often your commercial air conditioning system serviced by a professional depends on a few factors (ie: the type of work you do within your business, how old your system is, etc.). Ultimately, we recommend maintenance preferably two times a year and at least once. It is a good idea to schedule a maintenance appointment before the summer since this is when your system will have to work its hardest. So, What’s Included?

While every maintenance program differs, Energy Air’s Planned Maintenance programs include:

– Belt Adjustments – Lubrication – Air Filter Replacement – Routine Cleaning – Drainage Verification – Calibration

Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance Services In Orlando

Planned maintenance performed by the professionals at Energy Air can help you reduce energy usage, operating costs, eliminate expensive repairs, improve indoor air quality, and ultimately ensure your investment works for years to come. If you haven’t had your commercial air conditioning system serviced in a while, give us a call today to learn more about our services, or schedule your next appointment online.

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