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Crew of Three Buries 4,000 Linear Feet of Aquatherm Fusion-Welded Piping in Just Three

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Aquatherm Fusion-Welded Piping

After nearly a year of construction, the Energy Air Commercial HVAC team is wrapping up the mechanical system installation for a new Middle-High school in Williston, Fla., nestled between Ocala and Gainesville. The project includes eight new buildings, including a Cafeteria/Kitchen, Administration, Middle/High/Vo-tech Classrooms, Science Labs, Basketball Gym, an Indoor Firing Range, a Central Energy Plant (CEP), and several mezzanine-level mechanical 2rooms.

We were contracted by ACA Construction Group to complete the approximately $4 million HVAC scope of work, which includes installation of 78 water-source heat pump units, 10 – 100 percent outside air units, 85 exhaust fans, 144 mechanical louvers, and an equipment yard with three hydronic pumps, a gas boiler and two Marley fluid cooler towers.

The project started in June 2015, when our in-house BIM team, led by Scott Murphy, began rolling up their sleeves to start the tedious, but necessary, shop drawing process and above-ceiling coordination. Their upfront work help paved the way for a successful project. Soon after, Piping Foreman, Darrell Patterson, and a crew of two, managed to bury an impressive 4,000 linear feet of Aquatherm fusion-welded, condenser-water piping in just three months – on time and under budget. Duct Foreman, Melvin Millette and his crew then got started on the duct rough-in, which ultimately Frank Wolfe would complete.

Levy County chose the Aquatherm condenser water system for the first time in a school because of the longer warranty and anticipated better performance.

ACA Project Manager, Jim Hurry, and his entire team, put forth an exceptional effort on this project and has been tremendous to work with. Energy Air’s Cliff Adams is currently performing the start-up of the various mechanical equipment, and the new school will be complete and ready for students to attend classes in August.

The total list of equipment installed is provided below:

  • 78 – Daikin Water Source Heat Pump Units

  • 10 – Addison 100% Outside Air Units

  • 5 – Daikin Ductless Mini-Split Systems

  • 36 – Daikin VAV Boxes

  • 1 – Seresco Dehumidification Unit

  • 2 – Marley/SPX Fluid Cooling Towers

  • 3 – PACO Hydronic Pumps

  • 1 – B&G Expansion Tank

  • 1 – B&G Aire Separator

  • 5 – Danfoss Variable Frequency Drives

  • 1 – Raypak Gas Boiler

  • 111 – Greenheck Exhaust Fans

  • 2 – Greenheck Gravity Ventilators

  • 4 – Captive Aire Grease Hoods

  • 2 – Captive Aire Grease Exhaust Fans

  • 1 – Captive Aire Makeup Air Fan

  • 1 – Utility Distribution System

  • 11 – Berner International Air Curtains

  • 6 – Markel Electric Unit Heaters

  • 4,000 ft. of Aquatherm thermal-welded underground piping

  • 800 Hydronic Valves

  • 144 – Mechanical Louvers

  • 780 – Pieces of Air Distribution

by Energy Air Commercial Project Manager, Jon McGlinchy

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